So Long Boats (and Helicopters)…
Hello Hovercraft!

Access the Inaccessible
Experience the Possibilities
Discover Hovercraft!

Exciting. Adventurous. Fast. Accessible. These are just a few of the words used to describe a hovercraft, but there are so many more advantages to this superior craft, that its unique abilities make it not only fun and exciting, but extremely useful as well.

Discover for yourself the many benefits of a hovercraft:

  • So much versatility in one craft - A hovercraft can launch from just about anywhere, can be transitioned from land to water without touching the surface, will float in water and can be docked for extended periods of time. Use it to go water skiing, fishing or camping in the summer. Use it to trek over snow or ice in the winter. Use it for commercial or rescue purposes. The possibilities are endless!
  • Over the surface and beyond - Hovercraft travel over the surface of the water, rather than through it, making the ride much smoother than most crafts.
  • Bring it on - Hovercraft can take it, working through all types of weather and water conditions, including thin or thick ice, fog, soft or heavy snow and blustery wind conditions. It can operate in still or swift water, shallow, flooded or frozen rivers, sandbars, swamps and will go against the current of a river with no speed reduction or decrease in fuel mileage, giving you access to areas that can’t be reached by other vehicles or craft.
  • SAFETY FIRST - is crucial to all boats and aircraft, and the hovercraft is no exception.  The design of the hovercraft allows for far superior safety around swimmers and water skiers as it can even maneuver or pass safely OVER a swimmer or skier if necessary.
  • Easy to maintain - No winterizing, no tying up to the boat dock.
  • Cost-effective like no other - Hovercraft are cost effective and fuel efficient to the core, especially in commercial and rescue situations where access is inaccessible for other boats or aircraft.
  • Environment lovers - Hovercraft are environmentally friendly, making minimal wake or wash, no underwater pressure signature and no impact on marine life.

Why Hoverstream?

It begins with a promise of quality, excellence, reliability and expertise…
And plenty of EXCITEMENT!

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We at Hoverstream have an unwavering commitment to our customers.  We take great pride in providing personal customer service, quality workmanship, and incredible hovercraft performance through innovative technology, handcrafted and customized products, and seamless support. We are there at every step of the way, from design to delivery and training, giving you the support you need to pilot, operate and service your hovercraft. Whether your use is for Commercial, Recreational or Rescue purposes, and whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we are qualified to help you with all of your hovercraft needs.

Hoverstream: The Outdoors. You. Bliss.