It’s official! Hoverstream and Slipstream Hover Technologies have moved to a new location. Thanks to the support of our wonderful customers, we needed a bigger and better location to keep up with demand.

Slipstream was founded 11 years ago in a 2 car garage with little more than one guy’s dream, a small savings account, and a very supportive wife. In 2011, after taking over a 2nd garage and half of our home, we moved into our business space. Our long term dream was always to build turn-key hovercraft and that finally happened in 2013 with Hoverstream.

With top quality products and a dedication to customer service rarely seen in this industry, Hoverstream has become a dominant force in the North American hovercraft manufacturing in under three years. As a result, we’ve just moved both companies into a building that is truly ours. As part of our long term strategy, this move will allow us to offer even more to our customers.

Both Slipstream and Hoverstream were founded with the goal of providing the hovercraft industry something far above and beyond anything it had seen before. Integrity is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the marketing world, but it is our first and foremost core value. Integrity means providing top notch customer service and quality products that exceed expectations, but also making things right when problems arise. Our customers know they can count on us and that is a fact that we treasure.

I want to extend our warmest gratitude to those who have made this dream into a reality. I look forward to many more years working with you and watching the hovercraft industry blossom into the far reaching sport we all know it can be!

Jason Kuehn
President and founder
Hoverstream, LLC. and Slipstream Hover Technologies, LLC.