This is a true Revtec Renegade with a Kevlar hull built in Austrailia by the original designer, Owen Ellis. Owen is a legendary hovercraft pioneer and is well known among hovercraft enthusiasts. His Renegade is arguably the best 2 person hovercraft ever designed, and unquestionably the most desirable when it comes to pure, care-free fun. The Renegade is known to be extraordinarily mild-mannered with no bad habits and super easy to drive even for a beginner. Nice characteristics for sure, but the same could be said about a Prius. The real magic is that, unlike a Prius, it does this while staying fun and living up to its sporty looks. Renegades are a blast to drive as they are quick, highly maneuverable, quiet, and ultra reliable. 

This particular unit was completely rebuilt recently (new paint, new engine, etc) and is effectively new at this point. I (Jason) intended to keep it as a personal machine but with the Evolution project going on I just don't have the time or space.  I really hate to sell it because it's virtually irreplaceable. Though there were a small number of Renegades built in the US by a different company, they are rare regardless. But with this being a genuine Revtec (Austrailia) hull built by Owen Ellis, it is truly unique. This is the hovercraft equivalent of having a Ferrari built by Enzo Ferarri himself. To my knowledge there are only 4 true Revtec hulls in the US.

The base hull is almost entirely Kevlar with a fiberglass outer layer (aramid fibers are impossible to sand smooth, so they are almost always covered with a fiberglass top layer).  Many of the visible extra pieces such as the rudders, belt guards, etc are clear coated carbon fiber. This helps make the hull extremely strong and durable while also being very lightweight. The entire machine is only around 350lbs (158kg). 

There is an interesting history with this machine. From what I understand it was bought by Toyota for some special research project where they were entertaining the idea of hovering cars. They played with it a bit, then it just sat in storage. When I got it we fully disassembled it. I did the custom paint (which is automotive base/clear with pearl flake). All of the carbon fiber also got a fresh clear coat. We put in a brand new engine (the original was ruined due to improper storage), replaced everything that had any wear, and got it back to how it sits now.

The trailer is pretty basic and designed specifically for the hovercraft. It has a fiberglass tub that cradles the hull. The hovercraft just slides off and winches on. We cleaned and repacked the bearings. The tires look like new. The trailer is nothing fancy but does the job. Launching and loading are fast and easy. 

  • Brand new 750cc EFI Kohler Command
  • New automotive base coat clear coat paint with pearl
  • Full instrumentation
  • Kevlar hull with carbon fiber components
  • Includes original trailer
  • New ultra lightweight Braille battery
  • 6 gallon fuel tank. Apx 1.5 gallons per hour at cruise speed
  • 460lb rated payload capacity
  • Cruise speed apx 30 mph. Top speed apx 50mph. 
  • Length 138 inches (3.5m). Width 72 inches (1.8m) Height 55 inches (1.4m)
  • The US made equivalent sold for $32,000 not including trailer

If you have any questions, call or email Hoverstream.