Our Hovercraft

Persons 3-4 person capacity

How can so many features come from one incredible hovercraft? It can with the Coastal Pro II!

Persons 2-3 person capacity

The Marlin hovercraft line is the most popular recreational hovercraft in the world, and for good reason!

Persons Single capacity

The Snapper II single seat hovercraft was designed with three goals in mind. It had to be fun, economical and reliable.

Hoverstream exists for one reason - to provide the best products, support and services to our customers. We accomplish this through:

Our Products

Proven, Reliable, Durable
We provide well-designed, custom-built hovercraft machines of superior quality. Always built with safety first in mind, they are fuel efficient and reliable. Designed with breakthrough technology to be used year-round, our hovercraft are environmentally friendly and can withstand any type of conditions, such as fog, ice, snow, wind and raging rapids.

Support and Services

A trusted partner
We admit it. We're passionate about what we do. So are our customers, beginners and experts alike; which is why they expect expert advice, extensive experience, reliable support and seamless service that exceeds their expectations. We make sure their customer experience and long-term relationship with us is the best that it can be!

Innovative, Customized Solutions

Meeting different needs
We work hard to earn the trust of our customers.  We understand our customers' unique needs and provide innovative solutions to deliver high quality, hand-built hovercraft in a timely manner. Whether it's for commercial, recreational or rescue purposes, we strive every day to deepen our relationship with our long-standing customers and inspire new clients.

An EPIC Ride

An experience like no other
At Hoverstream, we're driven by our desire to provide each and every customer with the outcome they need and want in their hovercraft.  Enjoy fast flying over ground or water. Use your hovercraft for commercial use, like water treatment or passenger operations.  Perform fast, safe rescue operations in areas that are inaccessible to boats or helicopters.  Our hovercraft are all about great experience, reliability, quality, and performance, year-round.

If you would like to talk with one of our Hoverstream representatives today, contact us here.  We'll do what it takes to provide the support and service you deserve in order to deliver your hovercraft built JUST FOR YOU!

  • Compare your Hovercraft
  • Capacity
  • Max Payload
  • Max Water Start (hump) Payload
  • Max Speed
  • Engine
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Length
  • Width
  • Snapper II

    Snapper II

  • Capacity1 person
  • Max Payload285 lbs
  • Max Water Start (hump) PayloadApx. 250 lbs
  • Max Speed35 mph
  • EngineVanguard 4-Stroke
  • Fuel Consumption 1 gallon per hour
  • Length9'-6
  • Width6'-2''
  • Marlin III

    Marlin III

  • Capacity2-3 person
  • Max Payload660 lbs
  • Max Water Start (hump) PayloadApx. 430 lbs
  • Max Speed40 mph
  • Engine Vanguard 4-Stroke
  • Fuel Consumption 1.5 - 2 gallons per hour
  • Length12'-1''
  • Width6'-2''
  • Coastal Pro II

    Coastal Pro II

  • Capacity3-4 person
  • Max Payload880 lbs
  • Max Water Start (hump) PayloadApx. 770 lbs
  • Max Speed40 mph
  • EngineVanguard 4-Stroke, Separate Briggs lift engine
  • Fuel Consumption2.5-3 gallons per hour
  • Length13'-8''
  • Width7'-0''

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