The Marlin XL

Lose Yourself in Another Universe
With our 2/3 seat sports cruiser!

Height 4’-6” (off cushion)
5’-4” (on cushion)
Length X Width 12'-1" x 6'-2" (off cushion)
13'-1" x 7'-2" (on cushion)



2-3 person

Fuel Consumption



1.5-2 gallons/hour

Max Speed



45 MPH

No longer available

The Hoverstream Marlin Hovercraft

Our XL Marlin is new for 2020 and offers some great new features. Aside from the bold, aggressive styling, the whole machine is 16 inches longer than before. Not only does this provide more interior space, but performance is increased at all speeds. The Marlin hovercraft line is the most popular recreational hovercraft in the world, and for good reason! Known for its unsurpassed reliability, the 2/3 seat Marlin hovercraft is the ONLY modern small hovercraft to have crossed the English Channel - and to have completed a return trip, a record set when two absolutely stock Mark 1 Marlins made the round trip in July 2008, taking under an hour each way! To prove it again, the feat was repeated in 2011! The Marlin is a turnkey hovercraft built to marine standards and has a sporting, modern professional look, which comes with a warranty on both the craft and engine for added peace of mind. Its breakthrough design and consistency pushes the hovercraft envelope even further.

Live in Action

Hull, Design and Buoyancy

The Marlin offers superb buoyancy and freeboard. The attractive, but strong GRP hull has been designed to reduce drag and lift at high speeds, yet remain lightweight and durable. The new Marlin floor features a composite sandwich, approximately one inch thick with Kevlar reinforcement on bottom for the best protection possible with very little weight. All fittings used in construction are of marine quality - designed for use in a saltwater environment. It can be supplied on a one-man, easy-load trailer and can be unloaded and on its way within a couple of minutes. It can also easily start from a dead stop in water up to the rated hump capacity (called 'Getting Over The Hump' in the world of hovercraft!).  Auxiliary flotation foam is found throughout the inner hull, providing exceptional buoyancy. This means the craft can be safely shut down on water at any time when loaded up to its operating capacity. To illustrate this, on the Rhone Raid, a week long cruise of the Rivers Rhone and Saone, craft need to float for up to an hour in 70-feet deep commercial locks, something that these craft achieve with no problems whatsoever, year after year!

Vanguard - the ENGINE Makes the Difference!

Four-stroke hovercraft are the wave of the future! They always start right up. Using a fraction of the fuel, they're immensely quieter with far few emissions. We discontinued two-stroke powered craft long ago and became the first hovercraft manufacturer to use the 'Big Block' Vanguard motor. The use of environmentally friendly, low emission four-stroke power is becoming necessary in many sports previously dominated by two-strokes. Boats and snowmobiles being two obvious examples of how environmental pressure is changing the face of motorized sport. In fact, two-stroke engines are now actually banned in many areas. Quieter, cleaner, far more reliable and a fraction of the fuel consumption means a better hovercraft experience for everyone!

Fan Assembly

The unique fan assembly is robust and well protected. It is CAD designed to be light and easily serviceable, but it is extremely strong. The six-bladed fan gives phenomenal lift characteristics to allow the craft to operate over virtually any surface. Unlike a 'bag skirt', the Marlin's skirt is in separate individual segments - so any damage is quickly and easily repaired. Individual segments mean the skirt can seal more effectively on the land or water, so the hovercraft hovers correctly in all conditions. The skirt and lift performance is so good that the craft has been tested with eight segments missing, giving amazing 'return to base' capacity. You'll frequently spend entire days cruising without ever having to change a skirt, but in the event a segment needs replacement, it is a really quick and simple five-minute job to change!

You're in Control with Comfort

The Marlin is designed with comfort in mind, made with padded and upholstered seating, and the driver's legs extended in front, which means no sitting on your knees! Control is by means of simple handlebar steering with throttle control. Most people are driving it easily within ten minutes! Steering is precise and because of its lightweight, small size and excellent thrust, it's much faster and more responsive than other craft in its class!

Coastal Cruising, Maritime Usage

There is no legal requirement for a license or qualifications to drive either a small boat or hovercraft. However, like any other boat, it's crucial that you prepare properly for its use. Hovercraft aren't magic machines, and failure to respect your environment can land you in trouble, whatever you're driving. We strongly advise joining the Hovercraft Club of America and, initially at least, using your craft with others at organized events to gain more experience. We'll provide you with the support and service you need and teach you how to drive your new craft as part of the 'handover', but if you have no maritime experience, we recommend gaining some basic experience in a safe place before venturing out to remote areas. Always remember to equip yourself adequately with all necessary equipment. As with any boat, life jackets should be worn at ALL TIMES. Bring along proper clothing, register the craft with your state and carefully check the weather conditions before setting out on your journey. For any questions or concerns, Hoverstream is always available to provide expert advice and help you with any support assistance needed for reliable service that exceeds your expectations.


  • Hull construction Glass reinforced plastic with core materials (Fibreglass and Kevlar)
  • Protection Aluminum skid plates, perimeter aluminium strip.
  • Fan protection 2"/50mm guard to front of duct.
  • Dry Weight Approx 460lbs
  • Payload Up to 660lbs on land or when travelling over water without needing to stop. Maximum water start/hump capability is approx 500lbs
  • Seating Comfortable upright seating position with thick padding and top quality upholstery.
  • Steering Handlebars with lever style throttle control (twist grip optional).
  • Length 12'-1" (off cushion) 13'-7" (on cushion)
  • Width 6'-2" (off cushion) 7'-6" (on cushion)
  • Height 4'-6" (off cushion) 5'-6" (on cushion)
  • Engine Briggs Vanguard air-cooled, V-Twin Marine engine with electronic fuel injection.
  • Starting Electric
  • Max Revs Static 3800 rpm max
  • Flotation Superb stability from wide, flat floor. Floats and starts on water.
  • Buoyancy Foam filled plenum, positively buoyant when swamped.
  • Noise 75dbA (25m) at cruising speed. Maximum 83dbA at full power (loudest possible reading)
  • Fuel Capacity 6 Gallons/27 litres in integral stainless steel tank.
  • Range Approx 100 miles depending on conditions.
  • Maximum Speed Approx 45 mph in ideal conditions depending on load.
  • Cruising Speed Approx 28 mph depending on surface/wind/load.
  • Skirt 53 individually replaceable segments.
  • Fan 6 Blades, 940mm duct, 120m/s tip speed.
  • Flow straighteners 7 concentric, give extra thrust & fan protection.
  • Lights Navigation lights optional. Additional custom lighting options available.

Upgrades & Options

Available options

All purchases include driver familiarization training which teaches piloting techniques, safety, and basic maintenance. Custom options are always available, just tell us what you need!  Common choices include custom graphics, two place trailers, fully enclosed trailers, company logos, rescue equipment, special lighting, special electronics, and more. Contact us for a full list of available upgrades or for more details about the items below.

Full Gauge Kit

GPS speedometer, fuel gauge, and voltmeter in a CNC engraved dash panel.


Safety Equipment Kit


Paddle, tow rope, and installed marine fire extinguisher.

Navigation Light Kit

Required for night operation, includes red and green sidelights, white all-around light, and amber strobe light.


Triton Aluminum Trailer

trailerA modified tilt deck trailer designed for effortless loading and unloading. This super lightweight, top-of-the-line all aluminum trailer is made by Triton Trailers, arguably the best aluminum trailers on the road.


Fitted Hovercraft Cover


A must if the hovercraft will be stored outdoors, this fitted cover protects the hull and skirts from mother nature's damaging elements.

Spare Parts Kit


A helpful collection of spare parts for the do-it-yourselfer or for those traveling in remote areas.  Includes 100 skirt clips, 200 zip ties, extra drive belt, full set of fan blades, oil filter, 10 side skirts, 5 rear skirts, steering cable, 50 rivets, 50 p-clips.


Lifting Points

Lifting hard points for hovercraft which will be moved by crane. Common on hovercraft used as yacht tenders. *BY CUSTOM ORDER ONLY*


Aux. 12v Power

power13A 12v cigarette lighter style power port near the dash for powering extra electronics. Other custom options are available including USB charging ports.