Coastal Pro II

Be Your Own Pilot
In a hovercraft where all the features you love are in one place

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Height 5'-6" (off cushion)
6'-4" (on cushion)
Length X Width 13'-8" x 7'-0" (off cushion)
14'-8" x 8'-2" (on cushion)


3-4 person

Fuel Consumption

2.5-3 gallons/hour

Max Speed

40 MPH

The Hoverstream Coastal Pro 2 is no longer in production. It has been replaced with our new EVOlution model.  
The British Hovercraft Company still produces their Coastal Pro 2 in the United Kingdom. 

The Hoverstream Coastal Pro II Hovercraft

How can so many features come from one incredible hovercraft? It can with the Coastal Pro II. This 3-4 seat hovercraft, designed for commercial, recreational or rescue usage, has more of everything - more space, more payload capacity and more thrust. And we're just getting started! A dedicated lift engine and large footprint allow it to safely carry a huge load. That separate lift engine also gives the craft unrivaled maneuverability and full obstacle clearance, even at a standstill or low speed. The huge, aerodynamically clean thrust duct produces amazing thrust figures. Novices will learn to drive it quickly and easily, making it an excellent choice for organizations where training time is reduced over more complex machines. It's the ULTIMATE hovercraft - nothing else out there like it!

Hoverstream exists for one reason - to provide the best products, support and services to our customers. We accomplish this through:

Our Products

Proven, Reliable, Durable
We provide well-designed, custom-built hovercraft machines of superior quality. Always built with safety first in mind, they are fuel efficient and reliable. Designed with breakthrough technology to be used year-round, our hovercraft are environmentally friendly and can withstand any type of conditions, such as fog, ice, snow, wind and raging rapids.

Support and Services

A trusted partner
We admit it. We're passionate about what we do. So are our customers, beginners and experts alike; which is why they expect expert advice, extensive experience, reliable support and seamless service that exceeds their expectations. We make sure their customer experience and long-term relationship with us is the best that it can be!

Innovative, Customized Solutions

Meeting different needs
We work hard to earn the trust of our customers.  We understand our customers' unique needs and provide innovative solutions to deliver high quality, hand-built hovercraft in a timely manner. Whether it's for commercial, recreational or rescue purposes, we strive every day to deepen our relationship with our long-standing customers and inspire new clients.

Live in Action

How Can You Use It?

Let us count the ways

  • It makes a great family cruiser due to the roomy cockpit and ample storage space for camping gear, fishing equipment or anything else you might want to bring along.
  • It provides ample space for commercial use, such as water treatment, mosquito abatement or passenger operations.
  • It can also be set up for emergency respondors with a stretcher board and plenty of extra space for rescue gear.

Using a Separate Engine for Lift and Thrust Has Significant Advantages

  • Full obstacle clearance height at all times
  • Ultimate maneuverability - will spin on a dime at will
  • Perfect lift setting with any payload at any speed
  • ONLY a twin - engine hovercraft can maintain a slow speed over rough terrain without compromising ground clearance. This is particularly important on ice!
  • One person can EASILY 'walk' the hovercraft in tight quarters with the thrust engine turned off

Vanguard - the ENGINE Makes the Difference!

Four-stroke hovercraft are the wave of the future! They always start right up. Using a fraction of the fuel, they're immensely quieter with far few emissions. We discontinued two-stroke powered craft long ago and became the first hovercraft manufacturer to use the 'Big Block' Vanguard motor. The use of environmentally friendly, low emission four-stroke power is becoming necessary in many sports previously dominated by two-strokes. Boats and snowmobiles being two obvious examples of how environmental pressure is changing the face of motorized sport. In fact, two-stroke engines are now actually banned in many areas. Quieter, cleaner, far more reliable and a fraction of the fuel consumption means a better hovercraft experience for everyone!

Commercial & Rescue Usage

Coastal Pro II is the perfect craft for coastal and inland commercial usage, where boats and other commercial vehicles simply cannot operate. Small hovercraft excel in such areas as:

  • Water/Mud Rescue
  • Ice Transportation
  • Ice Rescue
  • Survey & Security Patrol
  • Weed Spraying
  • Flood Response

Learn more about commercial and rescue usage.


  • Hull construction Fiberglass composite sandwich with honeycomb core materials and Kevlar reinforcement.
  • Protection Aluminum skid plates, perimeter aluminium strip.
  • Fan protection 2"/50mm guard to front of duct.
  • Dry Weight Approx 800 lbs depending on spec.
  • Payload Up to 880lbs on land or when travelling over water without needing to stop. Maximum water start/hump capability is approx 770lbs
  • Seating Padded seating in 'T' shape arrangement for three/four persons. Clip-in rear 'bench' seat can be removed to provide deck space.
  • Steering Handlebars with twist grip throttle control (lever style optional), indexed throttle for lift.
  • Length 13'-8" (off cushion)
  • Width 7'-0" (off cushion)
  • Height 5'-6" (off cushion) 6'-4" (on full cushion)
  • Thrust Engine Briggs Vanguard air-cooled, V-Twin Marine engine with electronic fuel injection.
  • Lift Engine Briggs & Stratton air-cooled engine.
  • Starting Electric
  • Thrust Engine Max Revs Static 3800rpm max
  • Flotation Superb stability from wide, flat floor. Floats and starts on water.
  • Buoyancy Foam filled plenum, positively buoyant even if swamped.
  • Noise 74dbA (25m) at cruising speed. Maximum 78dbA at full power (loudest possible reading)
  • Fuel Capacity 9 Gallons/34 liters in removable tank.
  • Range Approx 100 miles, depending on conditions.
  • Maximum Speed Approx 40 mph in ideal conditions on smooth water.  Approx 55 mph on smooth ice.
  • Cruising Speed Approx 25 mph on water and 35 on smooth ice depending on surface conditions, wind, and load.
  • Skirt 68 individually replaceable segments.
  • Thrust Fan 6 Blades, 1100mm duct, 91m/s tip speed.
  • Lift Fan 9 Blades in sound deadening compartment
  • Flow straighteners 13 concentric, give extra thrust & fan protection.
  • Lights Full LED night operation package, Navigation, and LED emergency rescue lighting optional. Lighting options are fully customizable.

Upgrades & Options

Available options

All purchases include driver familiarization training which teaches piloting techniques, safety, and basic maintenance. Custom options are always available, just tell us what you need!  Common choices include custom graphics, two place trailers, fully enclosed trailers, company logos, rescue equipment, special lighting, special electronics, and more. Contact us for a full list of available upgrades or for more details about the items below.

Full Gauge Kit

7" Garmin touch screen chartplotter, fuel gauge, and voltmeter in a laser engraved dash panel.


Safety Equipment Kit


Includes an installed marine fire extinguisher and emergency tow rope in the under-seat storage compartment.

Navigation Light Kit

Legally required for operation at night, this kit includes red & green sidelights, white all-around light, and amber strobe light. The Navigation Light Kit allows the world to see you.


Triton Aluminum Trailer

trailerA modified tilt deck trailer designed for effortless loading and unloading. This super lightweight, top-of-the-line all aluminum trailer is made by Triton Trailers, arguably the best aluminum trailers on the road.


Night Illumination Package

Includes a super bright 32" LED bar on front and two side facing LED's on back. This provides you with a full view of your surroundings without illuminating the cockpit at all. The Night Illumination Package allows you to see the world.


Fitted Hovercraft Cover


A must if the hovercraft will be stored outdoors, this fitted cover protects the hull and skirts from mother nature's damaging elements.

Redundant Battery System

Redundant dual battery system with automatic charging. Rest easy knowing that you always have a fully charged backup battery on your mission-critical hovercraft.


Aux. 12v Power

power13A 12v cigarette lighter style power port near the dash for powering extra electronics. Other custom options are available including USB charging ports.