Check our our latest video, “Hovercraft – The most fun you can have with an engine!”

With a Hoverstream hovercraft, you can experience nature at its finest by going where no one else can.

-Traverse cold water and ice, thick or thin.
-Glide over lily pads and other aquatic life without disrupting nature, leave nothing but a small ripple behind
-Find that ultimate fishing hole miles up the shallow stream where no boat can go
-Survey swamps, muddy shores, or salty tidal flats where only a hovercraft can do the job

Quiet, efficient, reliable, affordable, and respectful of nature. Hoverstream sets the industry standard for quality and performance. Give us a call today for a demonstration!


*This video features a Hoverstream Coastal Pro 2 and Hoverstream Marlin 2 on a shallow section of the White River in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. With sandbars, knee wall dams, and frequent shallows, all accented by bald eagles diving for a tasty meal, it’s a hovercraft pilots dream come true. Just don’t try it in a boat!