EVOlution Hovercraft

Here it is, the first look at our all new EVOlution hovercraft model!

This is the latest of many internal pre-production renders that have been done. I felt it was time to show the world what we have been working on for so long. If you’re on our mailing list, you saw this two weeks ago, so be sure to sign up if you prefer to get your news before the general public.

We are finally starting to see some light at the end of this (admittedly longer than expected) tunnel with lots of different pieces coming together. The primary design work is all completed as are most of the molds. 

Pre-orders are going to open up soon, so watch for that announcement! I know many of you are excited to get on the list and have been patiently waiting. There have been some wicked cost increases in virtually all materials but there is some good news. This machine was designed to to keep pricing in line with the previous generation Coastal Pro 2 and the base price will stay under $40,000. With EVO’s HUGE advancement in hull construction technology, EVO will mean a lot more hovercraft for your money. 

Coming soon:

  • Full pricing announcement with BIG discounts for pre-order customers
  • A new video showcasing the incredible strength to weight ratio of our new construction methods utilizing vacuum infused resin transfer, advanced composite materials, and ultra tough cores.
  • More photos!

Get in touch if you have any questions, 317-489-0075. That’s all for now and thanks for your continued support!

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