Four person hovercraft with unprecedented performance.


EVO uses the latest composite materials. Most commercial hovercraft are built with hand laid mat fiberglass and polyester resin... 1950's tech. EVO uses modern honeycomb and structural foam cores with vacuum infused resin injection... tech that's usually reserved for high performance aircraft and race cars.


Our resin infused sandwich core panels are cured under vacuum which evenly compresses the structure with nearly 2000 pounds of pressure per square foot. The result is a hovercraft that is both extremely strong and exceptionally lightweight. This state of the art process isn't limited to core structure like the floor... EVERY composite panel is built this way!

Everything about EVO is designed with efficiency in mind. Less weight translates directly into extra payload. Larger fans convert more horsepower into useful air movement. Geometry tweaked through fluid dynamics analysis means that air movement will be smooth and quiet. Even the Hoverstream factory with 100% of our electricity from efficient renewable sources.
 EVO is a four person hovercraft. Not four child size people on a perfectly calm day. Not 4 people on ice or solid surfaces. True four person hump capacity, on water, operating normally. The way you expect it to be!

EVO's overall hull dimensions are 14 feet (4.27m) long and 7 feet (2.13m) wide. Overall height is approximately 5.5 feet (1.63m) when parked. 


EVO is powered by 4 stroke industrial/commercial engines. They are quiet, efficient, extremely reliable, and have very low maintenance. Unlike our previous hovercraft, EVO's design can easily accommodate different engine manufacturers. We choose Kawasaki power for our prototype due to the stellar reputation of their engine line.

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