Here’s our first official update video on what the 2022 “EVOlution” project has looked like at the Hoverstream shop!!

We’ve been working hard on mold production the past few months and are making steady progress. Mold production is notoriously labor intensive. Much of how we’re making the plugs is somewhat unconventional, (I hope to do a video explaining how we’re doing that at some point) but we’re refining the process as we go so each one is faster than the one before it. The end result is the same each time.  The difference is in whether it only takes a huge number of hours to complete or a ridiculously huge number of hours.

I am happy to say that the lower hull mold set will be complete in the next few days and the bottom of the hovercraft has the surface finish of a Ferrari. So as long as we make the top side parts that people actually see as nice as the bottom, I’m confident that the end result will be quite impressive!

Jason Kuehn
President and founder, Hoverstream LLC.

Stay tuned for more news. Pre-orders will open late 2022. Full production will start early 2023. 

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