One of the core goals of EVOlution was to make an immensely stronger and more durable hull. In this video that statement gets quantified with some clear visuals. For example, we take a piece of the traditional material used in manufactured hovercraft, hand laid chopped fiberglass mat, and compare it to the two most common materials used in EVO. 

Spoiler alert here…

  • Traditional panel (Marlin, CP2, etc, plus virtually all other hovercraft manufacturers)
    …About 10 lbs load before it starts to fold in half
  • EVO structural panel 
    My entire body weight (175lbs) only causes a slight bend!

Two things are worth noting here. First, both of these panels are the same weight! That means we can build a massively stronger and more durable hovercraft without increasing the hull weight. Second, the crazy strong panel in the video is 1/2″ thick. We use this in structural areas like the upper sides. However, the main floor panel is actually a full inch and has more layers of reinforcement.

The rule of thumb in composites is if you double the thickness you’ll get about 7x the stiffness and that’s assuming you don’t change the reinforcement. So let’s just say our floor is ridiculously strong and leave it at that! 

Check out the video above to see how these materials compare. 

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