Here it is, the EVO prototype’s first water run! This was the very first run and represents the culmination of many thousands of hours spent on research and development over the past two years.

I was cautiously optimistic leading up to this day. A tremendous amount of time and planning went into this design, all built upon decades of experience in the hovercraft industry. The foundation was solid. But a few of the features on EVO have never been seen on this type of hovercraft. Even an Olympic athlete who has spent their entire life training and perfecting their particular art will feel some nerves right before the big game.

As soon as I hit the water and finished the first turn I felt a smile forming on my face. The weight savings were immediately obvious. Our new rudder design, a really unique feature for EVO, did exactly what it was engineered to do. The opposing angles introduces a rolling force that increases the harder you turn. This significantly reduced the amount of leaning required in turns and made the hovercraft feel very nimble. Despite being a fairly large 4 person unit, it felt more like I was flying a 2 person machine.

During design, a lot of time was spent engineering clean airflow. After all, fan noise is turbulence, and turbulence is energy being wasted to produce something you don’t actually want. So the cleaner your airflow, the quieter and more efficient things will be. After flying back up the ramp and shutting down, one of the first comments I got was “Wow, that is so much quieter than the Coastal Pro!” followed by everyone around nodding and agreeing. Since the previous generation CP2 was the quietest production hovercraft in the world, that was some very welcome praise. Obviously, we will do some non-subjective testing with our sound meter to quantify this observation. Regardless of the actual dB number, the consensus among observers is it was a lower frequency and seemed to be a big improvement over the already quiet CP2.

So the really short version is performance was spectacular, the machine felt great, and spectators all said it was very quiet. We’ll be running EVO regularly and there have already been more tests with video shot inside the machine. Expect more to come!

Jason Kuehn
President, Hoverstream LLC.

Get in touch if you have any questions, 317-489-0075.

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