Let me just start off by saying that I love the Hoverstream Hovercraft. I needed a second engine and a lift engine. As a rescue and scuba diver instructor in North Carolina, I needed a good vehicle for salt water. We have a very heavy salt environment, and our craft must resist rust in these conditions. The Coastal Pro II met all of these needs and so much more.

I used to operate the Neoteric craft many years ago, with the one engine. But in getting to know Jason Kuehn, he introduced me to the Coastal Pro II, and it changed everything for me. It has so many amazing features built into one craft. One of my favorite things is the significant advantage I get from the separate lift and thrust engines, giving me so much more power and durability. The separate engines allow me to do so much more with this craft, especially when it comes to rescue training.

At Scuba Now, located in Wilmington, NC, we train a lot of scuba divers, in addition to rescue instructors in the fire department. Near our diving shop, we have our own big lake for training divers and instructors, and the Coastal II provides the perfect fit for us. There can be a lot of flooding in this area, so this craft is always up to the task in this salt-water environment.

Jason really took the time to modernize this craft with the four-cycle engine. It’s been a crucial component for us. I like the way the Coastal Pro is set up and just the overall design. I’m even more excited because now I got the green light to purchase a new one—same exact model, but it’s a beautiful bright red color, and it’s going to have an emergency light. It will be used for fire rescue training.

Jason is a great person. We hit it off right away. He’s dedicated. He loves what he does. It’s his passion, and on top of it all, he’s a super nice guy. I trusted him to help me decide on which craft was best for my needs. After ordering and receiving my custom Coastal Pro II, he did a quick demo for me, making sure I knew all about the craft before putting it to use. And, he’s always there for me anytime I need him for customer support.

I’ve been involved in delivering full service training to others for many years. This is very important to me and for those I serve. The Coastal Pro II helps me get the job done and is such a fundamental part of the training process.

About Captain Shawn Nasseri

So valuable to Scuba Now, a top-quality Dive shop in Wilmington, NC, Captain Shawn Nasseri is a United State Coast Guard Master Captain; 2007 Iron Man Triathlon Finisher and a Hovercraft Pilot Instructor. Shawn was born in Tehran, Iran. He left Iran in 1979 and moved to the U.S. and became a U.S. Citizen. As an Instructor for NAUI, NASE, PADI, and DAN, Shawn is living the American dream.