We own an island in northern Canada, which provides not only a treasure trove of some beautiful countryside and numerous river sandbars, but snow and ice—all perfect land, water and weather conditions for Hovercraft.

Years ago, I bought a used craft, and it just didn’t suit my needs, so Jason Kuehn pointed me in the right direction. I got interested in it so much, I became a dealer, based in Saskatoon, Canada. Currently, I own two Coastal II craft, but I’m in the process of purchasing a Snapper for use as a demo.

As far as benefits, there are many. For the cost, there’s nothing comparable to what you get from a Hoverstream, and the serviceability is great. I especially feel that the skirt on these craft has a great design for excellent lift performance. In the event any individual segments of the skirt need to be replaced, they are so easy to fix, plus it is so quiet—it just works well for me. Because of the ease in skirt design, it’s also very versatile, both for winter and summer.

Jason is great to work with—he knows his stuff. He’s very knowledgeable, but he’s not your typical salesman. He’s a trusted partner that tells you the genuine, full story about the advantages of every craft, helping you decide which one best suits YOUR needs.

Simply put, I absolutely love my Hoverstream craft. It’s versatile, whether we want to use it for ice fishing or for tackling tough terrain in the summer. As we say around here, it’s the only vehicle that’s truly at home in any weather, land, water, snow, thick ice, thin ice, mud or swamp—a Hovercraft easily does it all!

About Bill Elliott

Bill is the proud owner of two Coastal Pro II Hoverstream Hovercraft. Bill is also a Hoverstream dealer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Feel free to contact him at bill@hovercraftwest.com.