When you are finished changing, you are finished.

Benjamin Franklin

A totally new hovercraft is coming!

We approaching the 10 year anniversary of Hoverstream. In that relatively short time a lot has changed. Our machines are largely responsible for the huge paradigm shift in the commercial hovercraft market. Customers are no longer stuck with the traditional noisy, finicky two stroke engines of old. We can finally choose quiet, clean, and reliable four stroke power. Most of all, the Coastal Pro 2 design revolutionized what the market could expect from a 4 person hovercraft. Good looks, superb reliability, quiet four stroke engines, high weight capacity, and excellent handling were all made readily available in one machine at an affordable price point. The Coastal Pro 2 has set the gold standard for everyone from the casual recreational user up to our dedicated rescue professionals in fire departments all over the country. 

My philosophy is that as soon as you quit innovating you start falling behind. No product is ever “done” and there will always be room to make things better. Even with the already excellent Coastal Pro and the many improvements that have been made over the years there are still countless “to do” items on my wish list. Unfortunately, the single biggest problem we have is the same one we’ve always had… We simply can not make enough of them. Our fiberglass parts are made overseas. Lead times have always been an issue and almost every Coastal Pro we have ever made was sold before it was finished. The obvious (but much easier said than done) solution is to have everything made in house right here in the USA. 

The Future

Today we are preparing to lay up the first of many molds that will form the building blocks of a totally new hovercraft design. This machine will set the next gold standard in the hovercraft industry. We’ve taken all the ideas that made our previous hovercraft great and advanced them to a whole new level. This is a hovercraft that will be superior in every way. Utilizing the latest in computer aided design and advanced composites technology, the hull is significantly lighter yet far stronger than ever before. Less weight means better handling and more payload. A stronger hull means increased durability and a long service life. CFD (complex fluid dynamics) software analysis has been used to maximize efficiency for improved thrust and reduced noise. Ergonomic modeling and UI/UX design ensures intuitive controls and a comfortable, enjoyable experience for pilot and passengers. 

Our goal is nothing short of continuing to set the benchmark against which all other hovercraft are measured. We built the best four person hovercraft in the world with the Hoverstream CP2. Now we’re going to do it again, but evolved to a whole new level.

This is the Hoverstream Evolution

As you can probably imagine, this is a huge project. Having just completed the last CP2, the entire team is now 100% committed to Evolution‘s development. We know patience is hard, but it will be worth the wait! If you want to know more, join the EVO mailing list below to follow our progress and get the latest information.

To all the fans who have supported Hoverstream over the years, I want to express my most sincere gratitude. You’re the reason this exciting project is possible. 

Jason Kuehn
President and founder, Hoverstream LLC.

Stay tuned for more news. Pre-orders will open late 2022. Full production will start early 2023. 

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