Quality & Value
The best price to performance ratios of any new turn-key hovercraft, offering both the best quality and value in the industry.
Easy to Own
Reliable, low maintenance design means you spend your time enjoying the craft, not working on it!
The only vehicle that's truly at home in any weather, any time of year. Land, water, snow, thick ice, thin ice, mud, swamp, a hovercraft easily does it all!
Environmentally Friendly
Extremely fuel efficient, leaves almost no wake in water, leaves no tracks on land, very low noise levels, and assembled in a facility powered by wind energy.
Hovercraft can be used for recreational, commercial and rescue purposes.

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Horseback-Rescue Horse accident rescue with a hovercraft… no problem!
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August 3, 2022
FrontTeaser crop A hint of EVOLUTION
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July 21, 2022
June-2022-Cover-image EVOLUTION update, June 2022
Here's our first official update video on what the 2022 "EVOlution" project has looked like at the Hoverstream shop!! We've been working hard on mold..
June 16, 2022
plug polishing The Next Big Thing; EVOLUTION
“When you are finished changing, you are finished.”Benjamin Franklin A totally new hovercraft is coming! We approaching the 10 year anniversary..
March 29, 2022

Commercial & Rescue

While hovercraft is commonly used for recreational purposes, they excel in commercial and rescue settings as well. Hovercraft are perfect for coastal and inland commercial usage, where boats and other commercial vehicles simply cannot operate.